Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New stuff

I'm not the type of crafter who makes one specific thing. I'm the type that makes many different things and never sticks to one niche. I make paper, purses, etchings, books (LOVE BOOKS), dolls, bookmarks and occasionally jewelry. When I make something different it is usually a huge experimentation that has been formulating in my head for quite awhile. I think that is the mark of the truly creative.

Anyway, recently an Etsyian contacted me about making a yo-yo pillow for her daughters room. I had never actually made a pillow before and thought it would be easy enough to make it but it turned out to take a little more time than usual. Then, unfortunately, I got into a car accident and was in the hospital. It took me awhile to mail it to her and I felt really bad about that. I decided (despite her assurance that it wasn't a problem at all) to make a surprise for her daughter. I took the extra fabric from the pillow and made her a yo-yo doll. I finished it yesterday and haven't yet taken a photo of it (quite honestly I can't find my camera right now--probably under the pile of laundry!) but here is a picture of the first yo-yo doll I made. I'm thinking of putting one up for sale. What do you all wonderful people think??

Hers is much smaller and much better made as I have made a few since but I think they're adorable and completely unique. When I find my camera I'll post a picture of it :)

Friday, March 2, 2007

Yo-yo purse featured in an Etsy Treasury List!

I'm very excited to announce one of my favorite items in my shop is featured in an Etsy treasury list! The lime green yo-yo purse/tote receives tons of compliments but I have yet to sell one online. I hope this exposure will bring a good home to this purse. It's a wonderful piece and very unique!

You can view the treasury list by clicking here.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beef and Beer Fundraiser in PA

The Bucks County Day School in Pennsylvania is having a Beef and Beer Fundraiser on March 3rd and artbyshanna is putting together two gift baskets to be raffled off. If you'd like to send her your handmade goodies to be included in the event send her a message through her Etsy shop. If you'd like more information check out her forum post asking for donations.

I have mailed her 6 sheets of handmade papers to be included in either one or both of those baskets. The types of paper I sent are 100% cotton, kozo, chiri kozo, garden pulp (50% iris, 50% daylily) and two types of recycled papers (photo is a sample of one and is also available in my shop). I hope the winner will enjoy them as much as I do!

Good luck Shanna!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Handmade Paper

The year of 2006 was spent making paper of all kinds. I fell in love with this lost art! I have now included various handmade papers to my store in hopes people will have access to traditional papers you can't find in craft chain stores.

My latest addition is called Amate paper. This is an old world, or ancient, technique of making paper originating in Mexico and is still being made in San Pablito today.

While some may say the price of this sheet of paper I am offering is a little steep, I am not actually making much in terms of costs of materials, preparation time, production time and finishing time. It takes upwards to 2 days to make one sheet of this paper but it is worth it. Amate is probably my favorite type of paper to make and I'd like to share it with others who would not have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful piece of art. (Please note, my paper is not as good as the professionals :)


This blog is intended for updates to my online store and to promote! I'll update this when I am working on new items, ideas and promotions and maybe to promote another Etsy shop I adore. Take care!